For all of his life, one man avoided gangs and the violence associated with them, but he still ended up with a spinal cord injury due to a bullet to his body twenty years ago, writes  The man is now living with complete paraplegia.  He lost the use of his legs and gets around with a wheelchair.

Our San Diego firm’s paralysis attorneys know that car accidents are the leading cause of spinal cord injuries and next on the list are gunshot wounds.  Now a grown man since he was diagnosed with a spinal cord injury, he is helping those just like him.

After a bullet wound paralyzed him, one man is helping those like him.

During his paralysis treatment and recovery, the hospital staff asked the man to start speaking to kids his age with spinal cord injuries, many of them hurt by gun violence.  He began to recognize a pattern.  Young, black males were consistently coming into the hospital for spinal cord injury treatment after gunshot wounds, and he wondered what he could do to help on a larger level.

In 1997, the man met a young man — another paralysis survivor like himself — and the two decided to form Brother’s Keeper SCI (spinal cord injury).  Together, the two spread their message of not only how to live with paralysis but also how to prevent gun violence.

To this man, the tragic part is watching the young men — who believe that they can heal — come to the realization that their shattered spinal column will keep them in a wheelchair for the rest of their life.

For his part, he has comes to grips with his spinal cord injury.  He believes that there are no coincidences in life, that his life’s mission is to help young men like he was once find hope and continue to have fulfilling lives — even after a bullet from a gun takes away their ability to walk.

Our firm’s San Diego paralysis attorneys have seen the difficulties that paraplegics go through, but we can only imagine the emotional toll from a severe spinal cord injury caused by an act of violence.  Thanks to people like Terrance Clark, there are organizations out there to help you cope with the healing process, both mentally and physically, from a spinal cord injury.

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