We recently blogged on the imminent investigation into the efficacy of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in wake of their delayed response to a massive airbag recall and an unrelated GM ignition switch recall. The administration continues its receipt of backlash as more delayed recalls come to light. Consumerist is reporting that consumers are still at risk waiting for their Dodge Ram trucks to be fixed despite the recall being announced nearly one year ago.

Apparently, a lack of communication between the NHTSA and Chrysler continues to plague the government organization, leaving nearly one million vehicles waiting to be serviced and over 1,000 consumer complaints about the recall process, the Consumerist reports.

“We have concerns with the administration and execution of these safety recalls and accordingly have opened an investigation to collect further information from Chrysler about the details of administration and execution of these campaigns and the logic that supports the strategies used,” officials with NHTSA wrote to the Chrysler Corporation.

The inquiry dates back to November 2013 when two recalls for 2003-2012 Dodge Ram trucks were issued in response to a defect in the left tie rod assembly. The recall, like most vehicle recalls, was a rather important one considering that if the assembly were to fracture, it could cause the vehicle to lose steering control.

According to reports, the delay seems to have been caused by the NHTSA’s concern over the “manufacturer’s proposed remedy,” namely the manufacturer’s repair procedure calling upon independent repair shops to fix the problem. One year later, a resolve still remains open.

“Many owners have complained of dealers informing them it would be many months before the dealership could secure a replacement part for their vehicle,” the NHTSA report said. “During the initial months of the recalls’ launch, ODI contacted Chrysler to confirm there were not any recall administrative issues or unusual remedy parts restrictions, and was informed there were not, and that dealers could order and receive parts through Chrysler’s parts division, Mopar.”

The confusion seems to get increasingly vague in the midst of the communication problems between the NHTSA and Chrysler. Consumers, when attempting to fix their vehicles, were told to “return the replacement tie rods to Mopar for quality verification,” causing more ruckus to enter the communication conundrum.

The NHTSA, although it has received attention for its lack of movement on recall alerts, may not be entirely to blame. According to Consumerist, Chrysler has been questioned twice within the year on its progress – or lack thereof – to resolve recall fixes.

For more information on the Dodge Ram truck recall, please click here for the latest from Chrysler Corporation.


The truth is that recalls can cause injury, and in some cases, death. A few years ago, we reported on a tragic rental car accident caused by a recall that was never repaired. The PT Cruiser in question was driven by two young ladies, sisters, who died in the fiery crash after a leaky steering hose caused the vehicle to erupt into flames. Later, the family sued Enterprise Rent-a-Car for damages resulting from the unanswered recall that tragically caused the unnecessary death of two sisters. Sadly, this was an accident that could have been prevented if only the recall in question was fixed in a timely manner.

If you’ve been injured in an accident due to a faulty repair or a recall, you may be entitled to financial compensation and additional legal rights. It’s important to talk to a personal injury attorney right away to file your claim. Give us a call today 24/7 for a FREE and confidential review of your case: 1-858-551-2090.