Our car accident lawyers handle cases all the time where speeding through residential areas and end up creating car accidents.  These incidents can include pedestrian accidents or fatal car accidents and even include children as injured persons.

The US Public Interest Research Group included information in an April, 2009 report about how in an effort to avoid toll booths highway drivers are venturing into residential streets and possibly increasing the rate of car accidents.

Your children or younger siblings are playing with a ball in the front yard of your house.  One of them overthrows, sending the ball into the road and another child chases after it.  Coming down the street is a driver late for an appointment, going over the speed limit, and getting distracted by a cell phone and causing a horrible car accident.

Is this the kind of scenario we want in the streets of the neighborhoods where we live?

More and more construction projects on roads are being privatized so the cost of them goes up.  To afford the finished product, these private companies must find the money from the people who use it and in this case, it is the American automobile driver.

As American highways continue using private tolls to maintain and construct roads, more drivers are looking for free alternatives to their daily routes.  This will push a large number of commuters—ones used to traveling at high speeds on highways—into neighborhoods that are not used to such heavy traffic.

More cars in these residential areas mean more auto accidents.

Drivers expect the open road to have no cost association and they will look for any way to not spend a buck on something they normally receive without being charged.  But as people try to pinch every penny they have in their wallet during a bad economy more spill-over traffic into neighborhoods from toll roads will cause more car accidents.

Which is more valuable: a few dollars for a toll or a life saved from a car accident that never had to occur in the first place?

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