A $12 million fund has been created for products liability claims against the Peanut Corporation of America after an outbreak earlier this year led to hundreds of cases of salmonella poisoning.

A U.S. Bankruptcy Judge approved a fund that will be used to settle claims by people who got sick by eating peanuts that came from the company’s plant in Blakely, Georgia.

Our San Diego personal injury attorneys believe this fund will serve as a way to correct a products liability mistake and place responsibility for the illnesses of hundreds of people across the United States.

Mass produced food can be very dangerous if bacteria gets into it.  Say you have a huge container of peanuts.  If a speckle of a germ or bacteria gets into that huge container, it could contaminate every peanut in that container as well as any future peanuts put in that container.

A bankruptcy trustee said there are at least 100 products liability claims, and that number could go up because more claims can be made.  The salmonella poisoning made about 700 people sick and has caused the wrongful death of nine people.

Money provided by the Peanut Corporations’ insurers will be given out based on the extent of the illnesses of the people who got sick.

The personal injury attorneys at our San Diego firm are aware of the fact that food can be contaminated at any time.  It can happen in the processing plants, the deli or right in your own kitchen.  There is just too much possibility of human error to completely prevent it from happening.  However, if do you get sick from food that you bought, you might want to consult with a products liability attorney.

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