During the summer, we all look back and remember the warm sun, swimming pools and summer vacation.  No one likes to remember the amount of pesty bugs, however.

In order to combat this problem many use bug spray or bug repellent; however, a shoreline community in Ohio is being sued over its strategy of turning off streetlights to fight mayflies — a swarming insect common along Lake Erie.  In the lawsuit, a family says a teenage jogger was struck by a car and severely injured two years ago because a car driver couldn’t see him in the darkness.  The family is holding the town responsible for his pedestrian accident injuries.

Our pedestrian accident attorneys believe that if a town, car driver or person’s negligence leads to the personal injury or wrongful death anyone, then there is the chance that they can be held responsible.  In this particular case, a young man was simply jogging along the street when he was abruptly struck by a car who did not see him because of the lack of lighting.

Marblehead and neighboring communities typically turn off their streetlights in June and July due to the fact that these lights tend to attract mayflies coming off the lake, not a typical top cause of car accidents, other than this case.  If drivers cannot see what is ahead or behind them, this could lead to more pedestrian accidents like this one.

The man, now 18, and his parents say Marblehead was responsible for his injuries, and they’re seeking $25,000 for his medical treatment and pain and suffering.

Nighttime driving is already hard enough and our pedestrian accident lawyers know that an estimated 90% of all driver decisions are made based on what they see — and human beings need light to see.

While summer bugs may be pesty, their extermination should not be done at the expense of human lives and well-being.  How many injuries or wrongful deaths will it have to take before this town turns back on their lights?

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