This morning a fatal hit and run accident took place in Vista and killed a pedestrian, according to a report from KGTV 1o News.

Our car accident lawyers in Vista are currently learning all the details as they are made available.  Police are still looking for the driver who was responsible for the hit and run accident and an investigation is currently underway as to the cause of the accident.

In Vista, pedestrian accident by a hit and run driver turns fatal.

The fatal pedestrian accident was first reported around 4:45 a.m. on June 9, 2010 along the 1100 block of East Vista Way.  The pedestrian who suffered the wrongful death was a 73-year-old man who lived in a nearby retirement center.

Officials told reporters that the southbound side of the road was shutdown so officers could begin the investigation.  Authorities are looking for the suspect described as driving a pickup truck fitted with enormous tires and a body detailed with dark-colors.

“Evidence found at the location indicates the (pickup) may be black in color, with paint damage to the front end,” said traffic officials.

There are many reasons how this pedestrian accident could have happened.  Right now, police are trying to determine if the truck hit the man while he was in the street or if he lost his footing and accidentally stepped into oncoming traffic.

We are just speculating, but since the collision took place in the early morning hours, meaning that night time driving could have been a factor.  Visibility is reduced and it is hard to see something if it darts out quickly in front of you.

Authorities have not stated if they know exactly what caused the accident or why the driver fled the scene before emergency crews arrived, but we will keep you in the loop as more information is released about this tragic accident.

UPDATE: Police say they are now searching for two hit and run drivers.  The first one initially hit the man while he crossed the street, but no witnesses were present for the accident.  There were witnesses however, when the dark colored pickup truck came by, ran over his body, and then paused a brief moment before taking off.  Police hope both drivers will come forward.

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