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In Santa Rosa, CA a man was killed when he was struck in a pedestrian accident by a car driven by 24-year-old Santa Rosa resident, who proceded to flee the auto accident scene.

The man had apparently just left work, and was on his way home.  The pedestrian  accident only came to light when a passing truck driver came upon the scene and informed police.  The man injured in the pedestrian  accident was rushed to the hospital for traumatic brain injury treatment.

Our pedestrian accident lawyers find it hard to believe that anyone would leave a seriously injured pedestrian lying out in the street right after a serious car accident.  This wrongful death could have been prevented if the distracted driver had been paying attention to the cars and people around him.

Police are still probing whether the traffic lights favored the driver or the wheelchair-bound pedestrian at the time of the wrongful death.  However, it is clear that the man received no immediate emergency medical treatment as soon as the pedestrian accident occurred.

Our firm’s pedestrian accident lawyers believe that if 911 was immediately dialed following the car accident, the wheelchair pedestrian may have survived the auto accident, but who is to say for sure.  With hit-and-run accidents there is no guarantee that anyone will survive or if they will be able to find the driver who was negligent enough to cause the accident.

Sadly, the lack of immediate judgment on the driver’s part turned a pedestrian accident into a wrongful death accident, and loved ones of the deceased are left with only the pain and suffering of not having their family member and friend in their lives.

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Michael Pines, APCAbout

Michael Pines is a former insurance company attorney who specializes in car accident injury. While he was an insurance attorney, he learned from behind the scenes on how insurance companies work and how they decided to pay injured people. Now that he works against insurance companies, Michael's inside knowledge has resulted in significant benefits to his clients injured in car accidents.

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