Recently, in response to not only the high risk of children becoming involved in pedestrian auto accidents, as well as a number of other factors, several traffic safety organizations have come together in California to form a program called “Safe Routes to School.”

Our car accident lawyers receive a large number of cases involving pedestrian auto accidents.  Sadly, a large portion of pedestrians injured or killed in pedestrian accidents are children under the age of 16, causing tragic and life changing children’s injuries.  Many of these types of pedestrian accidents happen during school hours when children are walking to and from school.

The program is intended specifically for children who walk to and/or from school, who are at risk for being involved in a pedestrian auto accident.  The program is in response to the lack of infrastructure and safety precautions in place for children who walk to and from school.

What the program intends to do is to create specific, easily accessible routes for children to walk to school with reduced dangers and hazards.  The routes include smaller traffic flow, safety barriers between pedestrians and traffic, lower speed limits in these zones, and in some areas, the restriction of auto traffic altogether.

Safe Routes to School is currently in the early stages in many California communities, but with more and more children walking to and from school every year and the increasing number of pedestrian auto accidents, the program is rapidly gaining recognition and support among schools and different community groups.

Our car accident lawyers encourage parents to visit the California State Transportation Website to see of there is a Safe Route to School program in your neighborhood.  It is important to not only keep the roads safe, but to keep children safe from any type of accident, whether it be a car accident (especially a teenage DUI car accident) and pedestrian accident, at all times as well.

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