Like injuries from pushing cars, many car accidents cited in the 2008 NHTSA car accident statistics report did not happen to the person driving the car.  One-third of the non-traffic car accident injuries involved pedestrians and bicycle accidents.  Accidentally backing over someone in a pedestrian accident accounted for 14 percent of injuries.

Our pedestrian accident lawyers believe that it is very important for all car drivers to do all that they can to prevent car accidents.  This includes being sure to avoid causing injury in bike and pedestrian accidents.

Nearly 50 percent of children injured in back-over pedestrian accidents are between the ages of 1 and 4, according to research from Doern, Oregon.  Forty-seven percent of those pedestrian accidents happen at home, while another 40 per cent happen in driveways or parking lots.

A spokesman for the Children’s Safety Center at Doernbecher says auto accident related injuries are among the most common seen at the hospital.  Many of them, like back-over pedestrian accidents, could be prevented by forming safe daily rituals.

Most of the time, breaks in routine are what cause these pedestrian and bike accidents with cars.  The good news, however, is that most auto accident caused injuries are preventable.  Maintaining auto parts, using common sense and staying focused in the driveway or parking lot go a long way.

Understanding basic car maintenance could have prevented some of the 9,000 injuries caused by burns from radiator and antifreeze fluid.  Those who do not release the pressure carefully or wear gloves while doing so could get a blast of liquid more than 200 degrees in temperature.

In other words, even the simplest things should be done with care.  Saving a few minutes in the driveway by not reading an owner’s manual or leaving cargo unsecured isn’t worth the risk.

From our experience as auto accident attorneys, the most dangerous thought in drivers’ minds may be, “It is just this one time.  Nothing will happen.”  As mentioned above, most car accidents are caused by breaking protocol for varied reasons, including anxiety, being in a hurry, etc.

So always be careful and you will likely avoid a wrongful death from any type of car accident.

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