On April 20, 2009, a resident of Wildomar, California was killed in a pedestrian accident that ultimately became a wrongful death auto accident.

Our pedestrian accident lawyers see cases of pedestrian accidents turning into fatal automobile accidents all of the time.  Often times it is due to distracted driving which can turn a pedestrian accident into fatal auto accident, such as this one.

According to Lake Elsinore police, the wrongful death accident occurred on Riverside Drive between Walnut Street and Joy Street and was reported at 8:56 p.m on the date of the pedestrian accident.

The identity of the injured person from Wildomar and the name of the 49-year-old Lake Elsinore woman who was driving the vehicle have not been disclosed at this point in time.

Reports said that the fatal auto accident happened when the pedestrian was walking west across Riverside. As the pedestrian made their way towards the other side of the street, a car was traveling southbound on Riverside, fatally hitting the injured person in the wrongful death accident.

The pedestrian from Wildomar was declared dead on the scene once authorities arrived.

Our pedestrian accident lawyers know how dangerous it can be to just be walking down the street.  When you’re out driving, watch out for pedestrians crossing the line of traffic because it can happen at any time.  If you’re a pedestrian walking from one place to another, keep an eye out for cars.  There is a shared responsibility.

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