Any car accident in San Diego is noteworthy for the potential damage and injuries. Add a bridge to the mix, however, and the possibility of catastrophic injuries and deaths increases. Major pieces of construction work that hold a bridge together and the potential for going over the edge of the rails into the water can be extremely dangerous.

Just ask anyone who saw the recent accident on a bridge in San Diego where four people were killed and nine were injured. As the truck flew off the bridge and headed towards a festival happening below, those in the line of the truck’s fall were unable to move quickly enough to avoid being seriously hurt.

According to the California Highway Patrol, the accident happened on the San Diego-Coronado Bridge when a truck hit the guardrail and began to plummet 60 feet. At least four people inside the booth where the accident happened were crushed instantly.

Accidents involving any San Diego bridge can leave victims suffering the consequences, especially if the driver who caused the accident was not paying attention or was driving under the influence. An accident like this illustrates why it’s always important to pay attention on a bridge and abide by all road rules and laws.

If a vehicle hits the side of a bridge’s guardrail too hard, the vehicle can careen off the bridge and head for the water below. A driver inside that vehicle could cause other accidents or may die inside the car as a result of drowning or being pinned inside the car.

Bridges are a safe type of roadway only when everyone on the bridge understands the risks and proceeds cautiously.

Have you recently been hurt in an accident on a San Diego bridge? Liability may play a role in helping you recover compensation in a lawsuit. Make sure you are treated for possible injuries immediately after the crash.