Imagine that you are injured in a car accident.  So you go visit a doctor in the emergency room, but you find out that you are one of the thousands of Americans who cannot cover the cost of treatment for a personal injury.

Our firm’s San Diego personal injury attorneys see cases all the time where injured persons who do not receive proper medical treatment can have their pain and suffering increase.

One individual, 33, is an emergency room doctor in Philadelphia handles injured persons every single day, many who require medical attention for their personal injuries, but cannot afford the cost.  A lot of the time it is because they no longer have medical coverage, have not been to see a doctor in a long time and cannot pay their medical bills.

“It’s frustrating, because you know you can remedy [the personal injury] temporarily, but in the long run, how can I be sure that these people are going to be seen by a physician after they leave?” the physician said.

Many times the doctor has little control regarding what happens to patients and injured persons after they leave his emergency room.

“[Patients] ask, ‘Well, how much is this going to cost me? How much is a CT scan going to cost me?’ Oftentimes I don’t see these people again,” he said.

Our personal injury attorneys in San Diego urge anyone who is in pain and suffering to immediately see a doctor.  What starts out as a little pain can turn into a much more serious personal injury if medical treatment is not administered. Not going to a doctor for help may even lead to more pain from a personal injury or a wrongful death accident.

No one can afford the pain that comes from not properly treating a personal injury.

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