Need the internet to-go and cannot afford an expensive phone with all the bells and whistles, then why not rent a BlackBerry?  That is, of course, provided you do not use it while driving.

Four cell phone companies — Cellhire, Event Radio Rentals, RentCell and TravelCell — offer low-cost BlackBerry and other rental plans that seem certain to raise car accident statistics.  It might seem like a great idea at the time, but there are some who believe this is hazardous to motorists because it means more distracted drivers will be on the road.

Our firm’s car accident attorneys are some of the people who believe this is extremely dangerous.

In addition to not knowing California’s law prohibiting cellphones in cars, it can be assumed visitors are not familiar with our roads.  Unfamiliarity with new technology and cellphone use make the perfect recipe for a serious pain and suffering on the open road.

Each company claims that most of their BlackBerry rental customers are international travelers, but we are concerned with those vacationers that prefer to take car-trips and need to be able to check their email on-the-go.

Furthermore, we believe more can be done to prevent these accidents.  For example, one idea, have cellphone rental agencies provide and explain to customers California’s law prohibiting cell phone use.  Our firm’s experienced car accident lawyers wish to caution these people that cellphone usage — while driving — could lead to a wrongful death because a driver is paying more attention to a call than the road.

No job, phone call or email is worth anyone’s life, right?  You might be saving money on a cellphone bill, but imagine how costly medical treatment for you and the person you hurt will be.

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