After over a decade of debate, millions of dollars spent on lobbying and changing legislation, public health advocates say that Congress is finally ready to regulate tobacco.  This new legislation can prevent the numerous personal injury conditions related to smoking.

Our firm’s personal injury lawyers in San Diego know the dangers of smoking have been documented for a long time.  Smoking can cause personal injury conditions like heart disease and lung cancer.  Those personal injury conditions are only two of a numerous amount of smoking related conditions.

How bad can your habit become?

The fact that smoking is addictive only makes matters worse because those that are addicted only make their conditions worse.  If you are a smoker driving in your car, there is no telling if a car accident can occur after a heart attack or stroke related to your habit.

The new legislation would give the United States Food and Drug Administration broad powers over the manufacturing and marketing of tobacco, a product that causes various personal injuries in 20 percent of the Americans using tobacco.

“If this happens, and if the FDA uses its powers, it will be an enormous public health achievement,” said the president of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, who has been pushing the legislation for 15 years.

Under new laws, the FDA could ban the most harmful chemicals used in tobacco products, reduce the amount of nicotine and expand the size of warning labels from 30 to 50 percent of the package.

As San Diego personal injury attorneys, we know there are too many unpredictable outcomes to a habit such as smoking.  Not only are smokers more likely to develop fatal personal injury conditions, but a heart attack or stroke while driving can lead to a car accident or motorcycle accident that can cause the personal injury or wrongful death of other drivers.

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