Summer time is here again, and many people will be driving to the beach in the next few months.  Between all the teenage drivers, distracted drivers and drunk drivers, there is an increased likelihood of car accidents.

With that in mind, here are some safe driving tips from Teens Drive Smart by way of our San Diego personal injury lawyers.

Avoid car accidents with these beach driving safety tips.


1.  Try not to obstruct your visibility by overloading your car. A lot of car accidents occur because a driver simply did not see another car.  And this happens all the time, as car often have several blind spots and drivers can get distracted easily.  Don’t make it harder on yourself by adding more blind spots to your car.

2.  Wear sunglasses when you drive. The summer months are usually bright and sunny (especially in Southern California cities like San Diego), and the sun can easily reflect off the water or get in your eyes during the evening hours — making it very hard to see the other cars on the road.  So don’t cause a car accident by forgetting to wear your sunglasses.

3.  Make sure your car has four-wheel-drive if you plan to drive on the sand. According to Teens Drive Smart, two-wheel-drive and even all-wheel-drive vehicles don’t usually have adequate traction in soft sand.  Also be careful of wet sand, as you can get trapped in areas that are affected by high tides.

4.  Don’t panic if your car gets stuck in wet sand. Flooring your accelerator will only serve to dig your car into a deeper hole.  Instead, shift your car into reverse and ease your foot down on the pedal.  Then shift into drive and slowly inch forward again.  Make sure you remove any sand built-up around your tires before going in reverse.  You may need to repeat this whole process several times before getting free.

5.  Follow the rules of the roadway. This tip applies to all driving situations.  Don’t drink and drive, don’t speed, don’t use your cell phone while driver, etc.

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