A United States House of Representative Ways and Means Committee Chairman said on May 6, 2009, that there was “no way” he would support taxing health benefits supplied to Americans through their employer in the event of sickness or personal injury.

Our firm’s San Diego personal injury lawyers believe that employer-provided healthcare is one of the best tools to have in an injured person’s kit.  People without it who experience a personal injury will need help paying their medical bills while going through the process of recovering from their personal injuries.

The individual, the top tax writer in the House of Representatives, made the comment after a committee hearing with the newly appointed Secretary of Health and Human Services.  His words hinted at the bumpy road ahead for President Obama to fulfill his campaign promise of offering health insurance to all Americans that would cover them financially when they required medical treatment.

What if you are in a car accident where you experience a experience a lot of pain and suffering and may even have some physical disabilities, but at least you have health insurance through your job.  Therefore, you do not have to experience the emotional trauma of not being able to pay your medical bills.

Now imagine you are in that same car accident, but do not have health insurance because you could not afford the taxes.  The difference is simply chilling.

The leading source of health care in America comes from those, personally injured or not, who receive coverage through their work.  Healthcare benefits are not counted as taxable income to workers, according to current laws in America, and the cost of employee health insurance is tax deductable for those employers provide it to those they employ.  In most car accidents, the money an insured person receives is not taxable.

While it is questionable as to how effective healthcare provided by the government would actually be, it is scary to think about what would happen if you were personally injured, but could not receive medical treatment because you stopped paying your health insurance after the taxes became too high.

Our personal injury lawyers in San Diego urge everyone who currently has a job or is seeking employment to ask your company about healthcare benefits and if you would be covered in the event of a personal injury such as a car accident.

Going without it could tax you with a personal injury for the rest of your life.

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