Some fads never go out of style.  One item of fashion that always gets updated is the purse.  The purse is one thing that men and women will always consider purchasing.

But will a products liability lawsuit alleging high levels in lead cause consumers to think twice before getting that new accessory?

The San Diego personal injury attorneys at our firm know companies can sometimes make mistakes that cause personal injury or wrongful death.  However, we believe these companies cannot just get a free pass for negligence if their products liability causes harm to others.

Levels of lead has been found in some purses causing personal injury.

An Oakland nonprofit group filed a lawsuit on June 24, 2009 saying 16 retailers including H&M, Kohl’s, Ross and Target sell purses and wallets containing unsafe levels of lead.

The use of lead in products was banned after causing personal injury and permanent disabilities they can cause in people, especially children.  Lead poisoning can cause brain injuries as well as blood disorders.

The businesses in the lawsuit are in violation of the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986.  The retailers failed to warn shoppers especially pregnant women who are at the most risk for exposure and personal injury.

“If retailers tell their suppliers that they’re not going to buy their products as long as they contain lead, then that will force the marketplace to change,” said a San Francisco attorney for the nonprofit group.

Here is a full list of the purses that are alleged in the products liability lawsuit.  Consumers should be aware of products that can cause personal injury or wrongful death, especially in products that are always popular and in demand.

As San Diego personal injury attorneys believe companies should always produce goods that do not have the threat of personal injury and require medical treatment.  If personal injury is possible, those companies should be responsible and perform a recall to prevent personal injury.

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