A letter from the Food and Drug Administration sent to Johnson & Johnson last week explained the video also exaggerates the effectiveness of Ultram ER.

Our firm’s San Diego personal injury attorneys believe that pharmaceutical companies have a responsibility to produce products that are safe for consumers.  All new drugs have side effects that can result in personal injury in the liver and kidneys.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said a video for the chronic-pain drug Ultram ER is misleading because information of personal injury risk is only displayed at the end of the seven-minute video.

There are also more serious personal injury side effects from Ultram ER.  Seizures are common in people taking Ultram ER.  Seizures can lead to further personal injury if they happen at the wrong time.  Imagine being in a car when a seizure occurs.  The seizure can lead to a car accident leading to personal injury or wrongful death.

The FDA said it wanted Johnson & Johnson to stop broadcasting the video, and they have since the letter was issued.

“We’re reviewing the letter internally and we will respond to the FDA.  The video in question has been removed; it is no longer available to the public,” said Johnson & Johnson spokesman.

The video launched in July of last year, and the benefits of the drug were promoted very prominently.  However, dangerous side effects were only discussed quickly at the end of the video.  The lack of information could lead to the dangerous drug causing personal injury during someone’s medical treatment.

Our San Diego personal injury lawyers believe it is important for companies to communicate both sides of new drugs that are developed.  Too often, what a company does not tell a consumer leads to personal injury or wrongful death because patients and consumers were not fully informed.

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