Textbooks?  Check.

New wardrobe?  Check.

PlayStation 3?  Check.

Car accident insurance policy to aid you in the event of a car accident away from home?  Not so much.Going to college marks a new beginning for your son or daughter, but while they are away from home, they will be experiencing new things that and unfortunately one of those things may be a car accident.

Our car accident attorneys, we strongly urge parents to make sure their children have the auto accident insurance coverage they need with the thousands of teenage automobile accidents out there — many which are drunk driving teenage car accidents.

Getting the best car insurance policy for a college student used to be easy.  Many group health plans have allowed dependent children to stay on their parent’s policy until they are 23 – 25 in some cases (such as if the child is a full-time student).

Because college students are young and often healthy, they are more likely to go without insurance, a risky endeavor if they are teen drivers who get in an accident.  According to the Government Accountability Office, the agency that is in charge of overseeing public funds, 20 percent of traditional-age college students (18-24) do not have health insurance which would protect them or others in the event of a college car accident.

There are steps a parent can take to make sure their child is covered in a car accident just in case a personal injury happens that requires hospital treatment:

  • Check your benefits to make sure you can keep a full-time student on the health insurance policy in the event of a car accident.
  • If you are covered by a network-style plan (i.e. HMO or PPO), call the insurer to learn whether there are network-affiliated doctors and other health care providers close to your child’s school in the event of a car crash
  • Know that if a personal injury happens that causes your child that forces them to take a leave of absence, some policies consider that student no longer full-time and no longer eligible for coverage should an automobile accident occur.
  • If you do not have a group insurance option, shop for an individual plan for your child in the event of a car accident which results in personal injuries.
  • Find out about the car accident insurance plan the college offers.  More than half of all colleges offer their own policies.  Limited car accident heath insurance coverage is still better than no coverage at all.

College is supposed to be the best four years of a person’s life.  A personal injury due to a car accident should not take away from the college experience and not spend it recovering from an auto accident.

Our car accident lawyers recommend you make sure your children have the proper insurance in the event of personal injury.  From birth until death, health insurance will protect your child in the event of a life-changing car accident.  In fact, it has been our experience that young healthy people can get major medical health insurance for a lot less than one might think.

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