America has been waiting a long time for healthcare reform.

Currently, the United States government is considering changes to our healthcare system, and because of personal injury claims, people are anxious to see what will happen to their medical bills in the future. 

Our firm’s San Diego personal injury attorneys continues to watch as the number of uninsured Americans climbs to an all time record.  That number continues to grow even though proper medical coverage can be acquired for the price of a monthly cell phone bill.  The government will be doing its part to create a new system that helps you to pay your medical bills.

There is no better time than now to get the situation fixed.  What happens if you are driving today, and you get into a car accident?  Are you positive that your coverage (if you have it) will allow you to receive the proper medical treatment that you need to fix your personal injuries?

The United States government the opportunity to provide a new health care system that is beneficial to anyone suffering from personal injury.  Four factors can be linked to why now is the best time.

There is unhappiness in the population of people who are stuck with physical pain and suffering.  Despite recent expansions of government health insurance, more Americans lacked health insurance going into this recession than in 1994.  This means that more personal injury clients do not have the proper medical coverage to get treated for injuries.

The current health-care system is very complex, so any new legislation will likely be complex as well.  Our personal injury lawyers in San Diego believe that going with an overly complicated plan is a poor decision.  Aspects of a new system — rather than a complete outline — will be approved by Congress quicker and a huge help for our personal injury clients.

There is no reason why all Americans cannot get proper care when they are hurt if the United States is “the greatest country in the world.”

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