Patients who suffer from personal injury from things like car accidents have options when it comes to their medical care.  Some are more expensive than others, and a popular choice for some of those people are permanently hurt from personal injury.

Concierge medical practices offer personalized care and around-the-clock access.  These medical practices usually charge high membership fees for their services for people who suffer from personal injury and need continuous care.  People who suffer from paralysis (i.e. paraplegia and quadriplegia), for example, need constant care for their condition.

Our personal injury attorneys in San Diego believe that everyone should get the proper medical care they need to treat their injuries from events like car accidents or a worker’s compensation claim when getting hurt on the job.  If concierge medical services are the best way for these people, then spending more money on those medical bills makes the most sense.

These days, getting the right medical treatment is easier said than done.  How do I get it?  Who can help me get it?  Our personal injury lawyers have a helpful medical treatment resource page to help you answer some of these questions as well as others.

Concierge practices typically charge at least $1,500 a year.  The most elite ones ask for $25,000 or more per family for medical bills.  The fees cover a thorough physical exam and enable physicians to limit the number of patients who suffer from personal injury they see so they can provide their services.

One concierge practice, MDVIP, which started in Florida in 2000, expects to add more doctors to its network of 300 doctors.  The addition of these doctors makes the practice more available to patients who suffer from serious personal injury like paralysis or traumatic brain injuries like concussions.

Critics of concierge medicine consider it elitist and say it has widened the already significant class differences in American medicine.  Advocates, however, say that concierge services eliminate the two-hour waits and 10-minute appointments from conventional care.

As San Diego personal injury lawyers, we believe that while conventional care is right for some people, other people with more severe personal injuries may need extra care.  These people are willing to pay the higher medical bills that come with concierge because people such as spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries need extra care.

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