A new German study found that a chemical used in many plastic products, and already under scrutiny for potential health risks, is suspected of raising the risk of liver problems in premature babies.

The personal injury attorneys at our San Diego firm believe that when products cause children’s injuries, often times the results are severe injuries as babies are not capable of conveying to others that they are hurting.

Phthalate, a chemical used in plastics, has been found to cause liver damage in premature babies.

The small study in a German hospital suggests that a chemical known as a phthalate, used in some intravenous feeding bags and tubing, may raise chances for liver damage.

Premature babies are often fed intravenously, a practice already known to increase liver problems.  The researchers said their results show that hospitals treating newborns should turn to IV feeding equipment without phthalate.  Some hospitals have already switched.

Our San Diego personal injury lawyers know that the manufacturer or supplier of a product is required to provide warnings, give proper instruction and inform the consumer of possible risks that could arise with the product.

Not having warnings or instructions can be considered a design defect and could potentially result in a products liability lawsuit.

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