Our firm’s San Diego personal injury lawyers are aware of a disturbing trend of Americans who do not have health insurance.  Not having health insurance to treat an injury could lead to more injuries if it requires some form of surgery or doctor prescribed medicine and you cannot afford it.In Michigan, the worsening economy has already done its damage to the car industry, and the health-care system could be next.  What is happening in Michigan could be a window into the future in how a lingering recession can affect hospitals and health across America.

Workers across the United States were envious of workers with the health benefits package of the state of Michigan.  That same package is contributing to the bad economy.

Years of car-industry layoffs and benefit cuts to retirees have left many people without employer-provided health coverage.  Some people are using money from savings to fund their own insurance and going without tests or treatments.

People with whiplash from a car accident, for example, need to get good medical treatment, including the required testing necessary to make sure their whiplash injury is not a worse condition or that it doesn’t worsen — like a spinal cord injuries that could be the beginning stage of paralysis (i.e. paraplegia & quadriplegia).

The cutbacks in benefits are affecting the health-care sector.  Health care is now Michigan’s largest employers, but profits have turned into losses.  More and more former auto employees are retraining to work in the health-care industry, and there is little hope hospitals and clinics can offset the decline in the car industry.

The amount of Michigan residents using public insurance like Medicaid rose to 22% last year, which is double the year before.

Our personal injury lawyers in San Diego know the continuing problem of people without health insurance can lead to lack of treatment.  If an injury worsens without treatment (such as a headache actually being a concussion), what was once a simple injury could in fact lead to wrongful death.

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