When microwave popcorn was created, the favorite snack of movie goers appeared in the homes around the world.  The butter flavoring was recreated to simulate what many have been eating for years.  Production of the flavoring, however, apparently has caused illnesses in a new products liability lawsuit.

Who knew that something so appetizing could cause harm to workers in products liability lawsuits?

Our firm’s products liability attorneys in San Diego believe no matter how delicious the final product is, worker safety should be a prime concern.  When workers suffer from product liability related injuries as a result of a chemical in a plant, for example, the company could very well be held responsible.

This latest products liability lawsuit involves the chemical diacetyl, which provides the buttery taste in microwave popcorn.  At least 43 workers filed products liability lawsuits claiming their lungs were damaged by inhaling fumes from the chemical.  Some work at Givaudan Flavors Corporation, but many others are from a plant owned by ConAgra Foods.

One man worked for 18 years at Givaudan as a chemical operator has pain and suffering from a severe lung damage and has trouble breathing.  Further north, two other individuals of Cincinnati claimed that several companies knew that the chemical harmed workers but continued to use anyway.

Too many companies around the world continue to use chemicals that are hazardous to its employees, and the only way for justice to be served is in products liability lawsuits.

When exposure to harmful chemicals causes personal injury to workers at a facility, the company can be held responsible in a products liability lawsuit case, and our firm’s personal injury attorneys in San Diego work to get clients the maximum settlement possible so they can get some help paying their medical bills.

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