A suspected drunken driver was arrested early Sunday morning after he led police on a high-speed chase at speeds of up to 110 mph, then crashed his truck into the Chula Vista office of Representative Bob Filner, D-San Diego.

Our firm’s San Diego car accident lawyers have seen cases where the drunk driver somehow survives, but wrongful deaths and personal injuries happen to innocent people.  High-speed chases and drunk-drivers are top causes of car accidents.

Because of that reason, our car accident attorneys want to help drivers before they even think about getting behind the wheel of a car drunk.  On our DUI prevention resource page, you’ll find tips for preventing drunk driving as well as find links to organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous if you think you may have a problem with drinking.

The high-speed police chase started on state Route 54 when officers tried to stop the truck driver for speeding.  He instead refused to stop and was heading south on Interstate 805 before exiting at Bonita Road.  Officers threw a spike strip in front of the truck and the driver stopped but when he was ordered out of the truck he sped away and lost control crashing into Filner’s office.

The drunk-driver had to be extracted from his truck by firefighters after the car crash.  He was taken to a local hospital and treated for his injuries.

High speed police chases cause hundreds of wrongful deaths and personally injure thousands of people each year throughout the U.S.  While police officers engage in high-speed chases with the best of intentions attempting to capture a fleeing suspect, oftentimes officers disregard the safety of other driver.  That is why two-thirds of individuals personally injured or killed in fatal car accidents stemming from a high-speed chase are innocent drivers and pedestrians that have nothing to do with the police chase.

The San Diego car accident lawyers know that it is important for police officers to be able to make calm, rational decisions in a police car chase.  Doing so would lead to overall safety of the general public and prevent needless auto accidents.

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