NBC San Diego has reported that after California Highway Patrol officers were called to a scene on Interstate 805 last week that two people have died and three others were criticall injured in a potential DUI crash. The vehicle rollover trapped five passengers inside and the Jaws of Life were used to take off the roof of the car so that medical personnel could gain access to the victims.

The married couple operating the vehicle were killed, and three other passengers were taken to area hospitals with major injuries. All three of the passengers in the car crash were from San Diego. According to investigators at the scene, it looks like the car drifted off the road and hit dirt on the side of the road, ultimately causing the car to flip. Once the vehicle rolled over, it became stuck between the cement pillar and the overpass guard rail.

Rollover accidents can be some of the most deadly on the roads across not just San Diego but around the country, because it is very easy for passengers inside the vehicle to become trapped. A victim in a rollover accident might feel like he or she has no way out, increasing the risk of being crushed or making it too difficult for emergency personnel to administrer critical medical care. While the majority of rollover crashes only involve one vehicle, they can happen with two or more. These serious accidents may leave victims paying the price with high pain levels and major injuries for the rest of their lives.