There are 2,800 miles of street in San Diego — according to the San Diego’s Street Division.  If you are a driver in America’s finest city, then you know there is a problem on every one of our roads: potholes, the unlikely cause of so many car accidents.

In a recent report done by KUSI News, it was documented that the city of San Diego has increased the budget for street maintenance for 2010, including pothole repair that leads to numerous car accidents all over our city every single day.

This is a problem that our firm’s San Diego auto accident attorneys are always concerned about because potholes can lead to tire blowouts, as well as wear-and-tear on your car, both of which might make your car more susceptible to an auto accident.  What’s of real concern is that recently, with all of San Diego’s rain storms, potholes have gotten worse or increased throughout the county.

Currently, the City of San Diego has upped the amount of money it is looking to throw at fixing its damaged roads, going from $20 million in past years to $60 million for the 2010 budget.  At the moment, there are eight crews of two man teams scouring the city for potholes that can be repaired.  These teams have been working non-stop to put fresh asphalt into the street gaps in order to create a smooth surface for cars to drive over.

Most of the time, when Serious Accidents talks about the cause of car crashes, we mention that it is usually do not highlight potholes, which are a drastic problem causing serious San Diego car accidents.  Not only does it inflict property damage upon your vehicle, but when you hit a pothole, your car has the potential to spin out of control and put you in the path of another driver.  What if that driver does not stop in time?

Not only are the roads getting revamped, but San Diego’s pothole policy is also getting a change up.  It used to be that cracked roads would receive maintenance about every 7 years, while pothole fix-ups would only happen every 21 years.  The city admits that it has fallen behind, but no excuse is good enough when it comes to taking action to protect the lives of drivers on the road.

Our San Diego auto accident attorneys are all about preventing accidents before they happen.  If you drive on our roads every day, then you know that the pothole problem is no joke.  If you see a pothole, you can report it for repair at (619) 527-7500.

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