Prom season can be one of the most memorable nights of a teenagers life, but it may also be one of the most dangerous if alcohol is involved.  With these tips provided by San Diego Entertainer Magazine, you can make your teenager’s prom night safe and memorable by keeping alcohol, drunk driving and other mistakes out of one of the biggest nights of their high school career.

Our Escondido car accident lawyers know that teenage driving causes more wrongful deaths than homicides.  When alcohol is added to the mix, drunk driving becomes a likely possibility as teenagers with limited experience at the wheel engage in an act that complicates their driving.  As car accident lawyers and parents, we urge you and teens to keep alcohol out of the night.

Keep your teens free from drunk driving at the prom with these tips.

A Lieutenant of the Escondido Police Department said it best when he told San Diego Entertainer Magazine:

“It’s tragic but prom season can be a very busy time of the year.  We would love this to be the year we don’t have to respond to any DUI incidents involving minors.”

Unfortunately, that may not be the case, this year or ever.

Every prom season, teenagers look to their parents or older friends and siblings to buy alcohol for them.  This bad idea may lead to car accidents caused by drunk driving or personal injuries caused by impaired judgment.  In May of 2008, 33 minors were either cited or arrested for alcohol-related crimes in Escondido.  There were 34 in October.

The Director of Intervention with the Escondido Union High School District advises parents to know who your child is going to the prom with, as well as every leg of the night’s journey.  Communicate with the parents of those children to find out where they stand on alcohol, curfews and hotel rooms.  With that information, you can create some common rules that you can all agree on.

One deal parents may make with teenagers involves allowing the teens to drink with their friends in their home after prom.  Not only is this illegal under the Social Host Ordinance, but no parent can know everything that is going on at all times.  A teenager may still decide to get in their car and try to drive under the influence (DUI).

One limousine company in Escondido has a zero tolerance policy for underage drinking because they know the same statistics on teenage driving and drunk driving that we do.  The owner of Extreme Limousine in Escondido, doesn’t mess around, and his drivers enforce a strict set of rules.

“When underage people rent our limousines, we don’t allow any alcohol in the back at any time,” he said.  “If we find any alcohol, the ride stops immediately, our driver confiscates the alcohol and calls the parents.”

Our car accident lawyers in San Diego want teenagers to have a fun prom night, but we also want them to realize they can have just as good of a time without alcohol.  Parents should take some of this advice provided and help make sure that their teenagers are safe at prom so they can walk down the aisle of their high school graduation weeks later.

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