On January 18, 2010, the 864,000 pounds of meat were recalled by the Huntington Meat Packing Company, but now another one might be under way.

KFMB-TV reports that Department of Agriculture has released information that $5 million pounds of meat product in conjunction with the original recall.  Huntington, a local California meatpacking company, has now included ground beef and veal to the list of recalled product.

Why does this concern our spinal cord injury attorneys in San Diego?

There are many causes of paralysis — including some that you might not be aware of like E. Coli — and part of what we do is provide information about how to avoid spinal cord injuries before they happen.  Hopefully, this meet recall in California prevented anyone from getting paralyzed from an E. Coli infection.

Huntington’s recall was issued over worries that a large shipment of meat was contaminated with E. Coli and being sold as products of Huntington, Imperial Meat Company, and El Rancho brands.  E. Coli is a bacteria that is found naturally in the body to help with digestion and breaking down food molecules.  Most of the time it can be harmless, but several strains, when ingested, can contaminate your blood stream, causing nausea, stomach pains and, in rare cases, paralysis.

While Huntington probably does not have paraplegia on its list of health conditions it is hoping to prevent with the expanded recall, companies in the past have been accused of selling contiminaed meat products that were the direct cause of paralysis in consumers.

Our firm’s San Diego paralysis lawyers want to make sure that you do not put yourself or your family in danger of becoming ill and possibly paralyzed by E. Coli contaminated meat.  If you have any Huntington, Imperial Meat Company, and El Rancho meats, return them to the market where you purchased them.

If you or a loved one have been involved in an accident and suffered a spinal cord injury or paralysis, we urge you to contact our bilingual offices as soon as possible following the accident at 1-858-551-2090 or please click here for a FREE consultation with an experienced paralysis lawyer in San Diego.  We handle all cases on a contingency fee basis, which means that you owe us nothing until we recover money on your behalf.

Your Take

What other measures can you take to ensure that the food you are eating is safe and free of harmful bacteria?