The United States Food and Drug Administration warned consumers about cosmetics and over-the-counter products made by a major pharmaceutical company.  The warnings were done to inform consumers about potential harm before products liability lawsuits happen.

Procter & Gamble, a leading pharmaceutical company, failed to fix contamination and manufacturing problems at a plant in Puerto Rico that produces over-the-counter drugs and Olay brand cosmetics.

Our firm’s San Diego personal injury attorneys confront cases frequently when companies fail to manufacture products that are safe to use by consumers.  Hiring a products liability lawyer in the event of personal injury as a result of an unsafe or defective products can help you receive a settlement that can help pay for any medical bills related to the products liability injuries.

Inspections by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) led to the discovery of unsanitary conditions in various over-the-counter drugs used by consumers all over the world.  Products made at the Puerto Rican plant include Vicks Sinex nasal spray and Olay brand cosmetics including Olay Total Effects Revitalizing Daily Foam and Olay Moisture Foaming Face Wash.  A letter issued by the FDA outlines all of the findings of the harmful products.

Looking beautiful and improving your sinuses should never come with a warning.  Consumers should always be mindful of the products they put on and in their bodies.

The personal injury lawyers at our San Diego law firm believe it is a company’s responsibility to make sure that products are made available to consumers that do not risk a person’s health as a result of contaminated products.

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