Holiday weekends are meant for relaxation and fun – especially when it marks the end of the glorious summer season. Labor Day weekend is just around the corner and as you go about making your plans today, don’t forget what the end of the summer season also calls for: double-checking your vehicle!

While most people wouldn’t exactly put car maintenance at the top of their Labor Day weekend activities, we urge you to take an hour or two this weekend to put safety top-of-mind. Think about it: the hot summer sun has probably done a doozy on your vehicle’s rubber, likely corroding away at your tires, windshield wipers and internal engine parts like gaskets and hoses.

This weekend, get your car checked as we enter the fall season!

The advice follows on the heels of a recent report at Fox 5 San Diego where a Carlsbad resident lost control over his vehicle due to a suspected blown out tire. The 69-year-old driver was tragically killed in the collision which occurred in Oceanside off Interstate 5 near Camp Pendleton, reports say. Emergency crews responded to the scene of the accident where the man was airlifted to Scripps Memorial Hospital. Unfortunately, the man did not survive the accident and was tragically pronounced dead two hours after the crash occurred.


Check your vehicle’s recommended service schedule. You may want to turn to your user manual to ensure you’re following the manufacturer’s recommended schedule. If you’re in doubt, consider taking your vehicle into a dealership or reputable mechanic to perform essential safety and maintenance checks.

Take a look at your tires. How’s your tread holding up? If you’re not sure, take your vehicle into a tire service station where at the very least your air pressure and tire rotations can be performed free of charge in most cases. Speaking of rubber materials, be sure to double-check your windshield wipers as we approach the San Diego rainy season.

Check the cooling system. No doubt, the hot sun can wreak havoc on a vehicle’s cooling system. Check with your service provider to ensure you’re following the recommended schedule of flushing and replacing coolants. Also, have your provider check the belts, hoses, gaskets and clamps for any corrosion.

How are your lights? Some fog lights may stay lit while the main headlight have burned out, making it difficult to discern a blown light when driving. Have a friend check your lights front and rear – and brake lights – to ensure they are in operable, working order.

Get or replenish your emergency kit. You may want to consider cones, gloves, blankets, water, flares, flashlights and tire chains as part of your vehicle emergency kit. Some people also include a basic first aid kit in their emergency kits.


Our first line of defense against car accidents is safety. In addition to representing injured people in their car accident claims, our personal injury attorneys are also passionate for preventing accidents and promoting safe driving in San Diego and beyond. After handling countless cases of car accident injury in San Diego for over 20 years, we have come to understand that prevention is one of the best ways to stay out of the path of danger. That means safe driving, designating a sober driver and keeping on top of vehicle maintenance. While not every accident can be avoided, some indeed can be!

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