How many of us watch it to see the spectacular car accidents on the car race track?  How about watching those television shows that play “outrageous” clips of car crashes, people getting attacked by wild animals, and more?  We have a morbid fascination of watching other people in terrible situations.  For professional racetrack drivers, the risk of a car accident can be greater than that for a normal automobile driver.Many of us watch, gasping in awe, as race cars crash, rollover, and burn, and we wonder how anybody can escape alive from the inferno.  However, what our firm’s car accident lawyers normally never see is the immense amount of safety measures that race car drivers have that help protect them from serious injuries in the event of a car accident during a race.

Race car drivers are much more heavily protected than normal automobile drivers, even automobile crash safety data .

We are merely regular drivers, and I think it is safe to say that we would be dead if we were involved in a car accident while going 174MPH.

However, we do not need a long list of safety measures like race car drivers.  Our personal decisions can reduce the chances of becoming involved in a car accident.  The attorneys at our firm strongly recommend not speeding in the first place.  This can not only reduce the chance of getting into an automobile accident, but if you do become involved in one, the risk of severe injuries is reduced.  One safety feature that normal automobiles have is seatbelts.  This can greatly reduce the risk of a severe injury or ejection from your car in the event of an automobile accident as provided in testimony before the United States Senate in 2002.

Aside from getting the best car insurance policy that you can afford, our firm’s car accident lawyers strongly encourage everybody to fasten their seatbelts, whether you are the actual automobile driver or a passenger in the car.  If you as a passenger believe that the automobile driver is speeding, do not be afraid to speak up to ask them to slow down.  Your shyness could ultimately result in injury or death.  Drivers, do not speed in the first place!  Listen to your passengers if they request that you slow down.

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