There’s no denying that rainy weather in San Diego can be the culprit to many car accidents in the area. Just days ago, San Diego County experienced a bout of fresh rain – and even snow in some areas – as an early spring storm gained foothold throughout the region. As San Diego 10 reported, the Mar. 17th storm was so severe in some areas of the 805 freeway that it contributed to a seven car pile-up.

Fortunately, there were no serious injuries reported as a result of the massive accident although extensive car damage followed.

Earlier that same day, slick roads caused a big rig accident on Interstate 5 near Carlsbad, causing extensive damage as leaked fuel slicked the roadways. Three lanes were closed as a result.

As San Diego gears up for another rainy weekend, here’s what you need to know to stay safe and accident-free.

Understanding rain and roadways

When rain hits the surface of a dry road, a mixture of dirt, grime, grease, leaked oil, and fuel remnants  combine to create a slick substance that coats the road, often leading to car accidents in San Diego. As a proactive driver, there are several steps that can be taken to help minimize the risk of accident when rain hits our roadways.

Avoid fresh rain if possible

The worst time to drive is during new rain. As the droplets hit the surface of the road, the slippery mixture is created and can stick to your tires and cause unstable conditions. Consider leaving at an alternate time if at all possible. Once enough water hits the surface of the road, much of the slippery substance can rinse off the roads and into public drainage.

Slow down

No matter if it’s fresh rain, or rain that’s been falling for hours, do not speed. Slowing down is one of the most proactive ways to help reduce your risk of car accident in San Diego. By reducing your speed, you can safely react to stressful traffic situations including any possibility of slipping or hydroplaning.

Don’t use your brakes forcefully

The last thing you want to do is lock up your brake system and rear end the vehicle ahead – so take your time and try reducing your dependency on the brake. Simply take your foot off the accelerator –when logical and when possible – to help reduce your speed. Also, for harder braking, pump the brake as opposed to forcefully locking it into place.

Know your limits

When visibility is compromised, simply readjust your plans. Fortunately, here in San Diego, extreme weather is rare. But when the occasional rainstorm – or even snow storm – hits our county, be prepared and don’t risk it. Our good weather can often come with a price: less practice and knowledge of how to handle a vehicle in difficult weather. Know your limits and simply put off any drive when visibility, safety, and practicality are compromised.

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