We are faced with choices every single day of our lives and we must often ask ourselves whether it is better to ask for permission or forgiveness, but what if you can ask for neither?

Such might be the case for a suspected drunk-driving accident that literally became a hit-and-run when the driver of the car took off by foot, looking to avoid the ramifications that came with their reckless driving.  The story, as reported by San Diego 6, said that the driver left his fellow passengers in the car before bolting from the scene.

For our firm’s auto accident lawyers in San Diego this is a case of someone making things harder on themselves by not owning up to their actions.  If the driver of the car was discovered to be driving drunk, then that is only one mistake he or she will have to own up to.  Running away, however, and not taking responsibility for the crash will create a whole different world of problems if and when the driver is caught.

This hit-and-run accident occurred on February 5, 2010, at 12230 Rancho Bernardo Road.  According to police officers who arrived on the scene, the driver collided with several parked cars, and then left the crash site.  After damaging the car, the driver fled on foot and their name has not been released to the media as of yet.  Police officials are pursuing this case as a felony hit-and-run accident.

The other passengers in the car had been drinking, and one might have a brain injury after experiencing head trauma.

Though it has yet to be determined if the driver was intoxicated behind the wheel, our San Diego auto accident lawyers want to remind you that drunk-driving accidents are completely preventable.  When it comes to drinking and driving, asking permission and asking for forgiveness shouldn’t even factor into equation.

The only thing you should be asking is, “Who is sober and going to drive me home.”

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Your Take

Do you believe that this accident was a case of drunk-driving?  Do you think this accident should be pursued by police as a felony hit-and-run?