For a certain kind of driver, seeing a yellow light can instinctively generate the “I can make it” mentality.  Depending on how far they may be from the light, a driver may accelerate to attempt it.

Sometimes, these drivers run the risk of actually running a red light which can cause a car accident if their timing is the slightest bit off.  To dissuade drivers in doing this, red light cameras are installed at some intersections to prevent car accidents caused by running red lights.

Our car accident lawyers know that you may sometimes be in a rush to get somewhere while you’re driving, but running a red light or running a stop sign can be extremely dangerous.  Other cars may believe they have a clear path to go, but if another car is barreling through a stop sign or traffic light when they shouldn’t be, the panic can create a maneuver that causes a car crash.

If you come to a stop sign, always come to a COMPLETE stop before proceeding through the intersection.  If a traffic light turns yellow, the safer move would be to slow down and come to a stop rather than speed through the yellow light.

Officials in Lemon Grove, National City and Chula Vista are considering the installation of red light cameras to prevent car accidents.  San Diego officials expanded its program last January to bring the total of red light cameras to 15.

For an example of how preventative the red light cameras are, look to the city of Poway.  After a fatal car crash in 2002, city officials installed a camera at the intersection of Scripps Poway Parkway and Community Road.  Since the installation of the cameras, the intersection has had 30 percent fewer red light running related car accidents.

The system is not without its critics, however.  A lawyer who fights red light tickets says the systems “exploit poor traffic engineering to generate revenue.”  For example, in some cases, the yellow light time is too short for the average approach speed, but cities say they use the state guidelines to determine traffic signal times.

Our car accident attorneys believe there is a time and place to be in a rush, but that time and place is never on the road.  Speeding through an intersection brings the high possibility of a car accident with it.  Take your time when you’re driving.  It’s okay to be a little late for something if it means you save a life by preventing a car accident.

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