Several companies are developing eyewear technology that appears to have come out of science fiction.  In reality, they might help car drivers to prevent car accidents in the future.

Being car accident attorneys, we believe that having a watchful eye on the road helps to curb the amount of car accidents due to negligent driving.  We see cases all the time where car accidents could have been avoided if the person behind the wheel was not a distracted driver.

Now, this new device might stop auto accidents from ever happening, leaving the driver free from personal injury, worry about finding help with paying medical bills, and stopping the pain and suffering caused by a car crash.

Imagine your glasses can view the world the way that the science fiction character Arnold Schwarzenegger as Terminator could, but instead of trying to cause personal injury to others, you are able to avoid personal injuries from an auto accident because the device warns you of a potential driving hazard in your path as you sit behind the wheel.  SBG glasses might be the next step in preventing automobile accidents and lowering the amount of personal injuries that occur from car accidents.

The glasses use a process called holographic optic.  This process uses light-emitting laser diodes in a projector (stored in frame’s side) that shoot their highly concentrated beams forward to the eyeglass surface.  The light is diffracted with optical components and puts transparent figures into the car driver’s eyes.  With all these lights and images happening at once, this device does have the potential to cause more car accidents by distracting drivers when they are behind the wheel.

But say that you are driving home at night on a foggy road. The weather makes it hard to see and you are unclear as to what is up ahead.  The SBG glasses could inform you of potentially hazardous road conditions, suggesting an alternative route to avoid causing an auto accident without ever having to take your eyes off the road.

As automobile accident attorneys, we think that if drivers use this new technology wisely and carefully, it could help them stop a car accident before it happens.

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