In recent years, a number of organizations as well as our automobile accident law firm have implemented a number of programs geared specifically toward making teens more aware of the risks associated with drinking and driving, and providing helpful safe preventative car accident driving tips for teen drivers on prom night.

Our car accident attorneys know that prom night is one of the biggest nights of the year for many teens.  However, it has also proven to be one of the most dangerous nights of the year for teenagers as well.  The NHTSA reports that approximately 300 teens die each year on prom night in alcohol-related car accidents (DUI).

Ford Motor Company, in partnership with YouTube has created a link on YouTube for teens that gives important safety tips for young drivers, focusing on four main areas that teen drivers tend to struggle with:  speed and space management, hazard recognition, and vehicle handling.  Together, mastering of these four skills has proven to reduce the risk of teen-related auto accidents by up to 60 percent (NHTSA).

Whether they are on the Internet for school-related work or personal enjoyment, the program “Driving Skills for Life,” has been very successful with reaching a large number of teens.  In the last year, Ford has also partnered with many high schools and presenting their safe driving program to students in the classrooms before prom night.  Many schools are also implementing safe-ride programs, providing rides home to teens that are unable to drive, as well as school-wide alcohol-free petitions.

There are also a number of preventative measures that teens and parents can take in order to reduce the risk of alcohol-related car accidents on prom night.

1. Above all, the most important thing for both parents and teens to do before prom night is to know who their teen is going to prom with.  Many teens involved in fatality-related auto accidents are unaware that the person they are driving with has been drinking.  Parents should know ahead of time that their teen is attending prom with, and also have phone numbers for all other teens and parents.

2. Parents should also be aware of travel plans, and if possible, arrange transportation for their teens as opposed to allowing them to drive themselves.  Making reservations with reputable limo services could save teens from potentially being involved in auto accidents.  (If teens are going in a large group, the cost of limo services can be split among the individuals).

3. Make sure that your teen has a fully-charged cell phone with them at all times. If parents are kept informed of their teens plans with required check-in times, teens will be less likely to engage in illegal and dangerous behavior that could potentially lead to an alcohol related auto accident.

4. Finally, parents should talk with teens about the dangers of drinking and driving.  It is important for teens to know that they can call their parents at any time (and even use a pre-determined secret password so they do not get embarrased in front of their friends) if they need help getting out of a potentially dangerous situation or a ride home.

Communication is the most important tool that parents have in order to keep their teens safe and reduce the risk of their teens becoming involved in an auto accident.  There are so many ways to prevent DUI accidents that it is amazing that anyone would still do it.

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