Our car accident lawyers want everybody to be safe while driving their automobiles.

While some of us have years — if not decades’ worth — of experience driving a car, others — such as teenage drivers — do not.  Remember that driving test you took before getting your driving permit?  No?  As car accident lawyers, we believe that it is important for automobile drivers to refresh their memories every once in awhile to correct and safe driving behavior.

The California DMV provides an interactive webpage that allows you to take sample driving exams.  This may help refresh your memory.

Another good resource for driving tips is the California DMV’s Driver’s Handbook.  It is a comprehensive book that covers safety rules, driving and traffic regulations, and other tips for automobile drivers.  Although it is not necessary to read the whole thing, we believe that it is an excellent resource for those who are unsure of a certain law or rule and want to check up on it.

Prevention is the key if you want to avoid a car accident.

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