May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, and it is a way to make the public aware of how often motorcycle accidents happen.  Statistical data indicates that more than 500 motorcyclists were in fatal motorcycle accidents in California alone in 2008.

Our motorcycle accident attorneys believe that motorcycle accidents can be one of the most dangerous types of automobile accidents that can happen.  Motorcycles are typically smaller in size compared to cars, and they don’t have the safety features cars have (i.e. seat belts and crumple zones).

To prevent loss of life and personal injury to all motorists is the top goal of The California Highway Patrol’s (CHP).  That mission has been incorporated by the Strategic Highway Safety plan, an outline for preventing car accidents and motorcycle accidents by improving safety on California roadways that all state traffic safety organizations are required to follow.  To lower the amount of fatal motorcycle accidents is on one of the top priorities in the plan, as well as improving safety for motorcyclist on state roads.

“Our goal is to encourage the motoring public to be vigilant in observing motorcyclists on the road and to encourage all riders, new and returning, to get trained,” said the  California Highway Patrol Commissioner.

In honor of Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, the CHP will air two new public service announcements on television stations throughout the state of California.  One of the PSAs is an Easy Rider-type commercial aimed at veteran riders, while a second one targets the new rider with a spot emphasizing on skills.

Our motorcycle accident attorneys are happy to see that the California Highway Patrol is doing its part to educate motorcycle drivers on the ways that they can avoid personal injuries and fatal motorcycle accidents.

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