A poll done by the National Sleep Foundation revealed more than one in four people are losing sleep over the slumping economy.  That poll and new sales information about a popular sleeping medication potentially creates more scenarios for serious car accidents.

Lack of sleep can cause drowsy driving which can lead to car crashes because the driver lacks complete focus and concentration.  Our car accident attorneys are worried by this new information because of the hazards that come with fatigued drivers.

The information states sales of Tylenol PM, a medication that combines a sleeping pill with a pain reliever, have risen 16 percent compared to this same period last year.  Sales of the same pill have risen 6 percent every year at the end of the sales month on March 22.

One of the side effects of the drug includes severe dizziness.  A person taking this medication can have this lingering side effect and get into a car with diminished concentration and potentially cause a car crash that leads to personal injury or wrongful death.

Another notable medication available over-the-counter, NyQuil, has the same effects.  With both of these over-the-counter medications, a lasting feeling of dizziness and grogginess exists if the person taking the medication does not get a complete night of sleep.  These side effects lead to drivers getting into their cars with instincts and coordination not as sharp which can result in car accidents.

According to the National Institute of Health, 30 percent of Americans have trouble sleeping and 10 percent have some form of insomnia.  Our car accident attorneys believe it is our responsibility to communicate this information effectively to prevent car crashes as a result of drowsy driving.  Drivers should always be completely alert before the car gets turned on.

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