The situation has become hard to ignore.  Technology has become a big part of our lives.  You can find a computer in just about everything important.  In the military, new computerized vehicles are being introduced.

But are these new military ideas ready to be implemented in civilian cars, or will these ideas cause a wave of more frequent car accidents?

Our car accident attorneys believe that auto-drive can be a good thing, but too much automation has the potential to cause problems.  One glitch in an auto-drive computer system can cause too many problems.  For instance, if a glitch happens in a computer system in a car, it could potentially make the car swerve causing a car accident leading to catastrophic injuries or wrongful death.

Even still, any design defect in the computer could also cause an auto accident.

Is too much trust being placed into computers?  As a society, are we ready to put a large amount of faith in computers in our cars?  Taking the human element out of driving will always be a bad idea.  Computers simply cannot match the instincts of a human being in split-second decisions like avoiding car accidents.

As car accident attorneys, we believe that the growing amount of automation in our lives should worry people.  If computers are being installed in cars, where should we draw the line?

Would you be comfortable with a robot doctor operating on you after a car crash?

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