The public service annoucment used to ask parents “Do you know where your child is?”  If that PSA were still in use today, it might just be asking “Do you know what is in your child’s mouth?”

A total of 16, 500 pacifiers have been recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) due to product liability after failing to comply with safety standards.  Reports say that the pacifiers present a choking hazards in young children.

Our firms products liability attorneys believe that manufacturers and companies should be held responsible if their products have the potential to cause children’s injuries or the wrongful death of a child.  No parent should have to worry if the toys that they give to their child will end up hurting them in some way.

According to the CPSC’s findings, that “My Baby Soother” pacifier’s design defect has to do with a plastic component that can be loosened from the base of the object.  This small piece can choke toddlers and infants if they put it in their mouths.

Product liability recalls such as this one here are sometimes too little, too late.  How many children had to choke on the defective product before it was brought to light that these toys were dangerous?  Not only that, but they spent a long amount of time in the market before the recall was instigated.  Grocery stores across America sold the pacifiers from August, 2007 until July, 2008, with the retail price being about $1 per pacifier.

If you would like more information about the recall or have any questions concerning your child’s pacifier, immediately contact the CPSC for help.

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