Milton residents have had enough of speeding drivers on Millrise Road, and they have made sure that the City Council will look to stop the wave of car accidents caused by them.

Following fierce calls for change, a review of safety measures on the road is set to take place and results should be due back in February 2009 from the Stoke-on-Trent City Council.

Our car accident attorneys know just how dangerous speeding can be, and it is doubly worse to speed on a residential street.  It puts not only other drivers at risk but also people who live there and their homes.  Our attorneys support any safety measures that can be implemented to slow down traffic and make people safer along Millrise.

Speeding is never a good thing as it lowers your reaction time and causes car accidents as well as pedestrian accidents.

“People have got to realize they are driving through a village,” said a 62-year old resident woman, whose wall has been knocked down four times because of car accidents.  “I definitely think something needs to be done before something serious happens.”

She is not alone.  Another man told the Los Angeles Sentinel that he has had three car accidents break through his garden wall in the past 20 years.  He was one of 500 citizens that signed a petition urging the city council to take action.  What they are claiming is that despite the road’s posted 30-mph speed limit, drivers have been speeding much faster on the small, residential road.

Millrise road has been identified on a priority list of sites, across the city, that are in need of road safety measures.  As a result, it was one of the first roads in the city to temporarily receive speed indication devices in 2008.

Two battery-operated units were installed for a month in July to show drivers their actual speeds.  Residents are hoping for more permanent solutions, which will not only deter speeding, but also stop it.

“Speed bumps would be better than speed cameras and a lot cheaper,” the man said.

Let us hope that City Council makes a swift move for its residents’ safety, but our car accident attorneys know that mistakes can happen any time on the road.  That is why they always advise you to purchase the best car insurance policy available.

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