A cell phone can be a good thing when a person is in a car.  As product liability lawyers, we know if a driver gets into a car accident, having a cell phone can be convenient if personal injury or wrongful death happens because of the car crash.

What if your cell phone did not have the ability to do that?  Would the personal injury get worse?  Is wrongful death more likely as time keeps going?

Samsung is voluntarily recalling thousands of its “Jitterbug” cell phones that can possibly fail to connect to 911.  The Consumer Product Safety Commission said about 160,000 of those phones might refuse to make an emergency call when in a no-service area.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires wireless phones to be able to reach a 911 call center even when out of range.  Devices should be able to hook up to another network in the area.

After a car accident, time can be a person’s worst enemy.  As time progresses after a car accident, personal injury like whiplash and traumatic brain injuries can occur.  Wrongful death also becomes more possible depending on the severity of the car crash and personal injuries.

Samsung is contacting consumers to schedule a free software upgrade.  If you have not heard from Samsung, you can call them at 866-304-4980.  You can also log onto the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website to see which products have been recalled.

As product liability lawyers, we are concerned about drivers on roads with cell phones that may or may not work in the event of an emergency where someone need medical treatments after a car accident.  If a cell phone is meant to be convenient in case of an emergency or to have in general, then these same cell phones should be tested to make sure all functions of the phone work.

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