A recent accident in El Cajon left a pizza shop cleaning up the debris in the aftermath of a serious car crash. In that San Diego car crash, a driver slammed through the front window of a Rancho San Diego pizza store known as That’s Amore Pizza on Jamacha Road shortly after 10.30pm. This is just one example of a San Diego car crash that left behind significant property damage, but these kinds of accidents can happen at any time.

The restaurant’s window was smashed and the vehicle hit chairs and tables inside the restaurant. Since the restaurant had been closed for the weekend for an event, no one was thankfully inside the building during the time the San Diego car crash happened. According to the driver’s statement given to police, she accidentally hit the gas as she came close to the building and slammed into it.

At this time, no details have been released about how long the business will be closed. Individuals inside a business or private property could be significantly injured if a driver hits that building while driving a vehicle. Those individuals may be entitled to filing a personal injury claim if they have significant medical bills or have missed time at work among other damages. Consulting with a personal injury attorney may be one of the most important things that any victim can do after a San Diego car crash.

Any person involved in an accident like this should collect evidence and report it to his or her personal injury attorney. In addition to medical bills outlining the procedures required to help someone heal, pictures and videos of the actual damage to property or vehicles can also be helpful from the perspective of crafting a legal case. Any victim in a San Diego car crash should make evidence collection after an accident a major priority.