Now that summer is here, we’re bound to see plenty of motorcyclists on our San Diego roadways. And as we’ve heard many times before, it’s imperative that we share the road!

The truth is that when it comes to motorcycle riding, one split second could mean the difference between life and death. As drivers, we have the onus to be mindful of riders on our road. With the recent debate over lane splitting in California – said to be formally legalized soon – it’s never been more important to be extra careful of others, especially motorcyclists.

As personal injury attorneys, our advice is centered on everyone’s safety.

The reminder follows on the heels of a recent San Diego motorcycle accident that ended in needless tragedy.

According to reports at NBC San Diego 7 (5/9/2015), the motorcycle accident made headlines when a 28 year old rider was fatally injured after colliding with a vehicle near North Rancho Santa Fe Road and Peppertree Lane in Encinitas. Tragically, the motorcyclist was riding with his father when the accident occurred earlier this month.

Authorities say the San Diego motorcycle accident occurred at an intersection when a vehicle turned and entered the path of the riders. Both son and father served to avoid colliding with the vehicle, but sadly, the son was thrown off his bike and onto oncoming traffic. Tragically, an oncoming vehicle in opposing traffic was unable to stop in time before striking the fallen motorcyclist. The motorcycle burst into flames, according to officials.

Tragically, the man passed away at a local hospital.


The spirit of summer calls for adventure and fun, so it’s no wonder that so many more motorcycles are on the road this time of year. But as drivers, we need to be even more prudent as we take on the summer roads. Motorcycles are everywhere and we must be on high alert. Everyone is entitled to use the road – so be patient and kind… and most importantly, be safe!


If you spot a motorcyclist ahead, give yourself plenty of time to stop in an emergency or to react to changing traffic patterns. Use the 4-second rule the moment you spot a rider.


Motorcycles are small, so it may seem perfectly fine to drive behind them at a close range, not knowing it is in fact too close. Give him space. Also, if you spot a motorcyclist in your rear view mirror and he is lane splitting, give him room to get by. There’s no sense in getting upset or refusing to let the motorcyclist pass. Let him pass safely.


Motorcycles are much smaller than vehicles, and with their compact size, they become increasingly difficult to see, especially if summer sun produces tough, hard-to-see glare. Be aware of this, especially as it pertains to blind spots that may occur while driving. Check over your shoulder every time you make a lane change and use your rear-view and side mirrors as well.


Some people are just inherently annoyed by motorcycles. But we are all entitled to the road. It isn’t solely for drivers. Regardless of your personal feelings toward motorcyclists, be kind and share the road. It’s the law, and it just might save someone’s life.


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