Road rage is senseless. It’s simply crazy to think that frustrations on the road can be solved by aggressive, irrational behavior. Of course, on paper, it may be perfectly rational to peg road rage as acts of the insane, but the truth is that road rage happens every day. Experts say that our confined car space coupled with our own sense of privacy together set the stage for a perfect road rage incident when ignited by someone else’s annoying behavior.

If you’ve had road rage, don’t feel so bad… Light episodes of anger are understandable. But if you’ve ever crossed the line – check yourself! You never know when your irrational behavior can fuel a dangerous fire of rage and senselessness.

The advice follows on the heels of an auto accident involving a motorcyclist and a woman who was allegedly acting on account of road rage.

According to San Diego News 10 (5/29/2015), the woman now faces a murder charge after she allegedly struck a motorcyclist in anger over a roadway incident.

The accident occurred at about 5:30 p.m. earlier this month in the South Bay area of San Diego. Officials say the woman in question was on I-5 when she became involved in a “road confrontation” with the motorcyclist, a man in his late 30s. Reports indicate the incident led the woman to strike the motorcyclist from behind, running him over moments later.

Tragically, the motorcyclist died due to catastrophic injury.

The woman was arrested in connection with the incident and the California Highway Patrol is further investigating the case.


People can argue that emotions are uncontrollable. You feel what you feel – and you can’t exactly help it. Well, that’s somewhat true. Our brains are wired with synapses that fire in the exact same way they are trained to each and every time. And the exact same response is executed. For example, if you cry every time you think of your ex, your synapses are trained accordingly. You will cry again and again when you think of your ex because that’s how your synapses have been programmed. It’s the same thing with road rage. If you get upset every time someone cuts you off, you’re bound to lose it every time.

So are we just victims to our emotions, then?

Not at all.

We can actually retrain our brains. So, if you think you’re just prone to road rage and there’s nothing you can do about it – think again. There’s so much you can do to make this area of your life better, starting with retraining your brain. It’s called The Tetris Effect. Interested? Google it and get ready to be amazed. If you are strongly affected by road rage, please read on…


When you’re behind the wheel, get yourself mentally prepared with easy-going, happy and lighthearted mental thoughts. Although it may seem trite, give it a try. Don’t just think of flowers, puppies or sunshine… think of a story that you would tell if someone asked you about the happiest time in your life. Think about why it was so happy and what happened afterward. Or think about funny moments that make you laugh out loud every time. If you go off into uncharted territory, just steer yourself back to your happy place.


Find music that’s calming and suits your style. Put it on while you drive. If you’re not much for music in the mornings, try talk radio. Listening to someone else’s conversation will steer your emotions away from the road. You might find that your anxiety is decreased when there’s music or talk radio playing in the background.


It’s almost like a double -edged sword… If you’re distracted, you may become irrationally upset that you had to brake hard to avoid hitting another vehicle. Meanwhile, had you not been on your phone, you could have reacted in perfect time. Remove distractions entirely. Of course, it may help with your road rage but it may also save your life.

Be safe out there, San Diego. And here’s to happy thoughts!


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