We urge all San Diego drivers to stay in and/or near their vehicles if an accident occurs. Don’t attempt to get out and walk along any highway, freeway or state route. If you need help, please call 9-11.

Although the details remain unclear, our advice follows on the heels of a recent fatality on San Diego Route 78 that resulted when a man walked along the route by foot. According to Fox 5 San Diego (3/12/2015), the man was killed when several cars accidentally hit him. Other drivers reported seeing the man walking in and out of traffic lanes, causing multiple vehicles to swerve to avoid hitting him.

The accident occurred around 1 a.m. and the details are currently being investigated by the California Highway Patrol.

It is currently unclear whether the man needed help following an accident or vehicle repair; however, it remains clear that Route 78 is NOT a reasonable area for walking, even if you do need help. The best thing to do in all cases is call 9-11 for help. Although Route 78 is not a freeway, it certainly is not appropriate for any pedestrian foot traffic, even if an accident has occurred on the route.


If you have been involved in a San Diego car accident, it is important that you try to stay calm – as much as possible considering the circumstance – and that you remain in a reasonable state of mind.

Here are some tips when it comes to your safety after an accident has occurred.

Get off the road

For minor car accidents, try to safely maneuver your vehicle off the roadway onto the shoulder or, if possible, off the main road. Communicate with the other driver either by motioning your direction or rolling down your window, if possible. Whatever you do, don’t evade the scene of the accident. It is illegal!

Call 9-11 if you or someone is injured

If you or someone else is injured as a result of a car accident, call 9-11 immediately. Don’t worry about calling the insurance company first before you call for help if you need it. After having taken into account any injuries, you should then call your insurance company.

Exchange information

You may want to exchange basic information following an accident. Name, driver’s license number and plate numbers are good starting points. If there are any witnesses, get their information, too.

Be careful what you say

Car accidents can leave the mind foggy and stressed. Don’t admit fault or say you’re sorry for the accident as it can be used against you later. Plus, you may not even know if you’re indeed the person at fault!

Jot down accident details

You may want to sketch the intersection or the scene of the accident as it may come in handy later when trying to recollect the details of the accident.

Take pictures

Snap a few shots of the accident scene and/or damage done to your vehicle. It may be helpful to have the pictures if you need to talk to the insurance company later on.

For a complete list of tips and recommendations, download our FREE car accident checklist right now and stash it away in your glove compartment. You never know if you’ll need it, but we hope you don’t ever need to use it!


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