Recently – and tragically – there has been an uptick in motorcycle accidents in San Diego County. Now that summer is here, we may be hearing of even more tragic accidents as the warmer seasons approach. Sadly, in a recent report, our community is reminded of how important it is to be safe on our San Diego roadways.

According to San Diego AM 760 KFMB (4/22/2015), a motorcyclist was killed earlier last month when he accidentally rear-ended a pickup truck near the intersection of El Norte and North Rose Street in Escondido. Tragically, the rider was thrown off his motorcycle and collided with a big-rig truck.

The motorcyclist tragically died at the scene of the accident.

The truck driver, not knowing what had occurred, did not stop. After investigators searched local businesses where semi-trucks often travel, the driver was found but he was surprised and unaware of the motorcycle accident. Officials did not charge the truck driver.


In a previous blog post, we made note of safety strategies that drivers could do to share the road and make it a better place for motorcyclists. Today, as personal injury attorneys, we also want to share common sense wisdom for motorcyclists when it comes to safety. Sometimes, it doesn’t hurt to have a friendly reminder.


Don’t attempt risky maneuvering – such as lane splitting – unless you’ve got the experience to back up your riding ability. If you’re just starting out on a motorcycle, it’s critical that you ride prudently and cautiously. Don’t go on windy roads if you’re not experienced and don’t ride in stop-and-go traffic if you can help it. Start out slow and build your skills over time.


Equip yourself with the right gear including a helmet, padded clothing and even the right footwear. You should never ride without a good pair of heavy, leather boots. Accidentally burning your foot or leg on a hot motor can cause you to instantly jump and react in a spontaneous way. Get the right gear when you get behind the handlebars.


Just like drivers, you must leave extra space between you and the vehicle ahead. Even if you are riding with other motorcycles, leave yourself plenty of space so you have enough time to react. The three second rule is always a safe rule of thumb whether your ride a motorcycle or drive a car but you may need even more time depending on your skill level. Practice in an empty parking lot to get a sense of your bike’s abilities and your skill level. For those with older bikes, practice enough so you don’t jam the brakes. Older motorcycles aren’t equipped with anti-lock brakes, so your bike will jam up in the event you slam on your brakes. Worse, jamming up your brakes will throw you off of your bike in the event of a sudden stop or emergency. Practice your braking skills thoroughly before heading out onto open roadways.


All too often, a rider can be involved in a motorcycle accident that was not his or her fault. In cases like these, it’s important that you speak to a motorcycle accident lawyer that can help you file a legal claim right away. Filing a legal claim with us is FREE. You don’t pay a penny for legal representation until we win your case. If you have been injured in a motorcycle crash, call us today at 1-858-551-2090 for a FREE consultation.