When using a crosswalk, you expect protection from the potential dangers of traffic. When using a sidewalk, you expect the same level of safety. And when walking neighborhood roads, you expect that cars will see you, slow down and be mindful of likely foot traffic.

Unfortunately, many streets are unsafe for foot traffic and pedestrian accidents have become tragically commonplace on San Diego news headlines. In fact, one street — San Diego’s University Avenue — has been named the most dangerous street of all due in part to four recent pedestrian deaths, not to mention its unsafe features and lack of pedestrian protection.

According to Fox 5 San Diego (2/3/2015), a man was tragically killed earlier this month when crossing University Avenue in the City Heights area. Incredibly and sadly, it was the fourth pedestrian fatality on University Avenue so far this year.

While the details of the case remain in the hands of investigators, many safety advocates have come forward with a plan of action to make the street a safer road for San Diego pedestrians. One safety advocate has called the six-mile stretch of San Diego’s University Avenue as the most “dangerous corridor in the city.” That’s because nearly 10 percent of all San Diego pedestrian accidents occur on this very dangerous strip, reports indicated.

A new program called “Vision Zero” aims to remedy the problem. Vision Zero is a safety plan that will increase pedestrian safety along the full stretch of University Avenue with more crosswalks and increased visibility.

Details remain to be seen as reports do not indicate a timeline of completion for street renovations.

As an area that surely houses families and children, it’s never been more important to vocalize specific concerns to the city of San Diego. If you know of a particular area on University Avenue that needs attention, contact Marti Emerald, San Diego Council President and Chair of the Public Safety & Livable Neighborhoods Committee, at (619) 236-6699 or via email at martiemerald@sandiego.gov.


When it comes to foot traffic safety, here’s what you can do to prevent injury. If you’re a resident or if you frequent the area of University Avenue often, then the advice will ring all the more important.


If you can limit your foot travel to daytime hours, you can reduce your risk for pedestrian injury or death. Dusk and dawn are some of the most dangerous times for walking streets; with reduced visibility your risk for a catastrophic injury goes up substantially. If you must travel during dim or dark hours of the day, consider carrying a flashlight or reflective gear.


In the case of University Avenue, crosswalks may be limited but it’s important to use one anyway. If it requires a few extra minutes of your time to get to a protected crossing, it is well worth it considering that crosswalks can reduce your risk of pedestrian injury or death. Of course, it goes without saying that crosswalks are certainly vulnerable to driver error, so even when using one, you must still remain cautious when crossing.


If a sidewalk is available, use it. Like a crosswalk, it won’t keep you completely immune to the dangers of roadway traffic but it can certainly reduce your risk of injury. According to the Centers for Disease and Control, if you must walk on the street, use the shoulder and walk facing traffic.


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